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Yordas Assists Kingfisher in Developing Chemical Strategy

Short and focused chemicals action list required for operating companies

As part of its sustainable growth plan, Kingfisher wishes to take a proactive stance on concerns associated with the use of chemicals in its products, and extend its chemicals policy to not only meet required regulatory standards, but also reduce exposure to chemicals of concern for its customers, factories, employees and the environment.

Kingfisher authored a Chemicals Action List (CAL) identifying chemicals of concern, which has been used to create product specifications and is applied to products sourced by its purchasing teams. The list needed to be short and focused, by taking into account the likelihood of chemicals of concern being found in product inventories.

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​Consumer Goods and Retail


​Greater Europe


​Need to not just remain compliant, and also reduce chemical exposure right across the supply chain


  • ​Creation of a new and up-to-date CAL and mapped each substance against key parameters
  • Developed an early warning system that allows Kingfisher to develop a regulatory roadmap, anticipate future regulatory action and meet its strong commitment to protect human health and the environment


“Our customers tell us that they want to live a healthy and toxin free life. We have responded with targets to remove substances we deem as hazardous in our products and used in the value chain by 2025, which is why the RSL is vital to allow for a systematic evaluation of our products. We value the Yordas Group’s expertise in this area, as we need this expertise to allow us to focus on actions needed to ensure the RSL is used effectively.”

Paul Ellis, Head of Sustainable Chemical Management, Kingfisher Plc

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