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Leading Maritime Manufacturer

Maintaining visibility of products with high risk of obsolescence

A leading maritime manufacturer produces various product ranges for the naval industry, as well as developing new technologies across a number of sectors to meet the demand and requirements of the defence industry. Many businesses of this type rely on highly specialised chemical formulations for their products. With extremely long and onerous approval cycles for products and components, their supply chains have a high potential for being severely impacted by obsolescence.

Yordas Hive’s functionality provides our client with the advantage of managing their materials obsolescence company-wide to address both current and upcoming chemicals regulation.

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Defence, Aerospace and Engineering


United Kingdom


Ensuring supply chain resilience through maintaining visibility of products with a high risk of obsolescence


  • Yordas Hive uses the client’s data to prioritise any required action to mitigate against obsolescence
  • Hive Notifier enabled continuous regulation monitoring
  • Reduced the time and effort required in staying up-to-date with regulations affecting their products


“Whilst using Yordas Hive we have identified where we can save not only time but money. Having a 10 year to 15 year product build makes managing obsolescence difficult but with Yordas Hive we have found confidence and support”

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